To volunteer, please use signupgenius, sign up (its free) with their emails, and then you can see the whole Distribution Day list, (or stocking day list) and all the dates to choose from.
    Note: you have to sign up on their website in order to "sign up for stuff. Don't worry, it's free, they don't spam you.
    1.Go to www.signupgenius.com

    2. At the home page,  tap the "find a signup" button at the way top of the page. Then " search by email" with my email address mattawanmom@yahoo.com. type in the CAPTCHA image.

    3. Since I am the author or the page, you'll find the signups with my email.  From there, lick the list you want to see (Saturday Distribution Day).

    4. to "sign up," you will need to "sign up for signupgenius, which means create an account. It's free, no spam. PLEASE do this for us; it makes our planning so much easier.
    Beth G

2014 update:

Total families served 671

People in family. 3473

MFP Bags for October thru May 
Bags for 2013- 3141Bags for 2014- 3764


2013 update:

  • MAP purchased 49,946 pounds of food from Feeding America, West Michigan last year.
  • We spent $12,020.63 in donated moneys for food at Feeding America, West Michigan. The total retail value of this food at $2.17 per pound is $108,382.82, and our savings through FA amounts to $96,362.19!
  • MAP buys 5-7 tons of food a year, with no government assistance.
  • MAP Board of Directors are all volunteers. All money we receive goes to food, utilities for the pole barn, or paper/envelopes for mailings.
  • For the last three months of 2012, we served between 130-145 people/families per month.
  • When serving our clients, we offer a variety of foods to allow them to shop, so that they are taking only foods that will be eaten. This means ZERO waste.
  • The MAP serves a variety of people; approx 30% are seniors, a few singles, the rest families.
  • To schedule a tour of our facility, please call 348-5596.

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